Color and Paint touch up paint system is not a regular product that you can find in the stores or in dealerships.

Common touch up paint kits are too diffucult and tricky to use. You have to apply the primer coat and paint, in which there are no rooms for mistakes. An other stage is to finish the job with the clearcoat lacquer, in most cases it made the situtation worse as in novice hands it changes the shade of the color. Finally your repair got worse and you head up to workshop to paint all the area which is costy and also depreciate your cars value.

Developed by a group of chemical engineers and auto detailing experts, Color and Paint touch up paint system is developed to be fast, easy and accurate. Our system is an unique formulation of pigments, hardeners and solvents all designed to do the job easily. Perfect color match, no room for errors or mistakes, repairs like professionals. Our solution used to clear the excess paint and only reacts with our paint so your oem paint stays un-touched.

Despite the many of those commercially available touch up paints applicable to only clear coat scratches, Color and Paint is workable on chips and scratches until primer coat on your car hood. Thanks to its special binder and pigment system, touch up fixing has never been so simple for do it your self applications.


When it comes to quality our team will not comprimize a bit. Our sourcing team only lets the top quality chemicals and paints in our formulations.

Not only the chemicals but the supporting products in our kit has also their own advantages.

Brush is from from world leader microbrush company,

Microfibre cloth is from 3M company,

Erasing cloth is from polytex,

Polishing liquid is a special blend of high performance chemicals including carnabua oil,

All put together in order for you to have a perfect repair and keep your cars value at maximum.


We do not keep the stock, orders are prepared when it arrives to our system or received by customer service.


Chemist in charge checks your paint data and formulates it according to your car manufacturer paint choice.

Prior to filling, quality control checks the final product.

Filling, labeling and packaging are completed and order is processed to shipment department.

We are not getting any profit from the shipment fees, as our sales volume is respected we have some best shipment prices available from reputable companies like INTER, UPS, DHL, Fedex. Our shipment department will choose the best solution for you.

In the checkout screen when you provide your shipping adress you will see how much the delivery to your door costs. Just to give you an idea Euro and US zone are about 10$, maximum distance is 25$ includes Brunei islands, Togo or countries from Africa.